Listing is for 3 bracelets. Bundles available. See shop for more options.

Bracelet measures 6" x 0.25"

Bracelet Bundle Includes -
1x Aluminum (14 ga.)
1x Brass (16 ga.)
1x Copper (16 ga.)

Coordinate bracelets:

Stamped and customized to your prefered GPS coordinates or latitude and longitude. Examples below and in photo gallery. Stackable bracelet cuffs measure 6" but are manageable and adjustable to fit a wider wrist or for a tighter fit.

Examples for bracelet styles; Using the address for Magic Kingdom, these are the coordinates that are generated (1180 Seven Seas Drive,  Lake Buena Vista, FL  32830)

Latitude/Longitude = 28.428577, -81.342177

GPS Coordinates Example = N 28° 25' 42.837", W 81° 20' 31.837"

If you need help finding your coordinates you can use the link below or another comparable website. Please keep in mind that I cannot verify these numbers for you. Please be sure to enter your numbers correctly into the custom field. ;
Please enter detailed customization notes. Be specific as to which name, coordinate or phrase you want on each bracelet. 
If you choose an inside message, please try not to exceed 16 characters to keep your message centered. 
You are able to exceed the 16 characters. Please mssg me if you have any questions or need help.
If you do not specify what details you want on each bracelet, the details will be applied to any of the 3 metals.


Q: Do you offer group pricing for larger orders?
A: Yes. Should you have a large custom order or just want to order multiple shirts from the shop, please contact us directly & we can arrange it for you. Group discounts can range 10% off to 45% off.

Q: USPS Lost my package. Now what?
A: We create our shipping labels directly via ETSY. Therefore, all items come with a USPS tracking number. We are not responsible once USPS scans the package and begins its journey to you. However, if a package is lost, you can file a claim with USPS. If your tracking # shows that your item was NOT delivered, we can provide you with a 20% off discount for another order. This will only apply to the exact order that was lost (Same size, color, style, etc)

How to order:
1- Select Style
2- Select Size
3- Include shirt color &/or design details in the notes field provided to you in the listing before “add to cart”.
4- If ordering multiple shirts from the same listing, you will have to return to the listing for each additional item.

Notes: If you have any specifications, please add them to the notes at checkout. We will do our best to accommodate any design edits/customizations.

-    Please make sure your DELIVERY address is correct at checkout. We will ship to the address provided to us by Etsy. We are not responsible for any returned items. Should you enter the incorrect address and the item is returned to us, you are responsible for additional shipping charges for the item to be sent to the correct address. Please advise us of any shipping address changes immediately.
-    Keep in mind that each item is handmade & made to order. These are not drop shipped items printed by a factory. Therefore, although not common, there can be small imperfections in the design. We are human 😊
-    Avoid showering or swimming with jewelry.

All sales are final. All orders are considered custom & personalized & cannot be accepted or be resold.

When receiving these bracelets they will be a tad large because they need to be adjusted to the wrist size of the recipient.All of my cuff bracelets are adjustable and fit most adult sizes (wrist sizes 6” to 10”.) I always send them out bent to a specific, standard size to allow the customer to adjust them. To fit the size of the wrist, please slip them on the wrist and squeeze until they are at a comfortable fit. They should be able to slip on and off easily without adjusting them back and forth once adjusted.

Tri Color Custom Stamped Coordinate Cuff Bracelets - Adjustable Stacking Cuff Ba



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